Time for medical equipment manufacturers or suppliers to
go digital and transform the business

Hit the ground running
with out-of-the-box Medforce Excellence

Improve sales and marketing effectiveness with a 360-degree view of customers

Track all customer interactions, repairs, maintenance plans and rental requests

Create adhoc or recurring scheduled orders, contracts and fulfilment requests

Generate and download real-time reports to monitor desired KPIs

Manage various audit and inspection compliances

Business Benefits

  • End to end solution
  • User friendly
  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Self-service portal for customers
  • Manage AMCs & Warranties
  • Service Campaign Management
  • Manage Repair and Rental requests
  • Pre-built KPIs


An end to end solution designed for medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers to transform their business.

  • - Lead Nurturing
  • - Auto Follow-up
  • - Template based Quote
  • - E-Signatures for Contract
  • - Maintenance Schedule
  • - Manage Installation,   Repair, Rentals
  • - Loaner Management
  • - Work Order Management
  • - Convert Opportunities   into Contract & Orders
  • - Make it adhoc or   schedule recurring
  • - Manage KPIs at   Fingertips
  • - Organisational insights   using Reports and   Dashboards
  • - Inventory Management
  • - Warranty and AMC   Management
  • - Bar Code Scanners
  • - Centralized documents   for SOPs, Product   Manual, Calibration   Procedure, etc.
  • - Partner Management /   Field Service
  • - Customer Community
  • - Capture quality results
  • - Take corrective or   preventive measures   based on reported data

Technical Benefits

  • Power and trust of Salesforce platform
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Easy to configure
  • Multi language support
  • Multi currency support
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to integrate with other systems

Medforce - Native to Salesforce

A native salesforce platform solution brings power and trust of Salesforce platform.

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    With multidimensional experience on, we deliver a diverse set of expertise to enable your business continued success. It is now time for medical equipment manufacturers or suppliers to go digital and transform their business, thus achieving results that you did not just hope for, but secretly wished for.

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    Automation brings to you a set of conveniences but also makes sure that certain tasks are completed on time, hence boosting the potential of the company with the same available resources. Many have experienced this convenience in various industries; its time for you to experience the same.

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    Customer Enablement

    Our experts are committed to partner with business and identify the gaps between Medforce and desired business objectives. Based on gap analysis timelines and costs are derived.

    Device Independent

    Device Independent solution for you. Cloud solutions are available on desktop as well as mobile. Enables you to log into and perform any desired action with no limitation to where you are and what device you are at.

    Security & Compliance

    Always secure. A platform that's known to have upheld security. Managing thousands of accounts including the fortune 500s. Rest assured, no vulnerability is left unresolved as soon as detected.

    Future Scope

    A system which is backed by various experts from our company. Regularly updated so you always have the benefit of having the most up to date application at your fingertips.