The Salesforce Exclusive

Salesforce is a One of a kind service among the CRM world. Offers total customization according to the need of the business.

Timely Support with Expert Guidance

Custom Application Implemention

Built-in Technology Solutions


How we do it?

  • Defining business objectives
  • Mapping objectives vs Salesforce features
  • Nailing down Salesforce edition
  • Design technical process
  • Delivery business value
  • Build user adoption
  • Feedback, Refine, Improve, Cycle Continues

Salesforce Consulting

Consulting - Think Different

Today’s digitally empowered customers expect a high level of personalized service, quicker response, and a great experience every time. Salesforce not only offers a robust platform to extend customer relationships but also empowers enterprises to engage their customers across all channels. As a certified Salesforce consulting partner, we work with progressive enterprises on focused goals lead by our Salesforce experts to identify current stains and explore future opportunities around various business processes through Salesforce acceleration and innovation.

We at metaoups have extensive experience in CRM implementation and deployment. We understand our customer’s needs and drives strategies accordingly which enables them to realize early ROI’s. We have strong business knowledge on various industries. Our expertise lies in delivering highly customization solutions to complex business problems by assisting in end-to-end implementation of services.

Salesforce Development

Development, Fits the Bill

Metaoups’ team of skilled professionals can help you get the maximum out of We have expertise in building efficient and user-friendly solutions with graceful designs. We provide custom implementation to meet your business needs. We have strong knowledge of custom solution implementations including custom applications, portal, mobile, and analytics.

AppExchange Product Development

Product Development Beams With Quality

You got idea? let’s productize it before someone else does it. Our experts can guide you and build Salesforce AppExchange ISV and OEM type of products. We use agile delivery method along with Salesforce framework to develop a secure, scalable and user-friendly product.

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