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  • Manufacturing
  • Pharma (LifeSciences and healthcare)
  • Professional Services
  • Non-Profits

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We are obsessed about delivering solutions on time and on budget, while finding that optimal blend of innovative products with deep domain expertise

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  • Commitment to Business Objectives
  • Pool of Deep Technology Experts
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Quality & Consistency
  • Bring Innovation to Businesses
  • Revolutionary Work Flow Method
  • You Drive Busines, We own Risks

Sales Cloud

Manage Leads, Track Progress, Conduct Analytics, Automate Your Sales Process

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Marketing Cloud

CRM platform to create marketing relationships and campaigns with customers

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Service Cloud

Personalized service, experience to customers with a proactive approach.

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Salesforce App

Unlocks a whole new level of productiviity, personalization, and speed.

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A few of our Happy Clients

We at Metaoups Technology Pvt. Ltd. provide integrated cloud solutions, products and services, and are trusted by customers from various business industries. Founding Partners

Certified Salesforce Experts to Your Help!

  • Plan and Deploy Roadmap to Success
  • Transition to Lightning Faster
  • Transform Business with Team of Experts
  • Refine and Redefine Strategies
  • Gauge Higher Return on Investment


Building cutting-edge solutions on the Salesforce platform.
Any Solution you need for your business, we will deliver as we have delivered to our other partners.

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Our industry specific products trace new paths.
Having worked extensively, here is a speciality off the rack solution for the medical industry. Start Playing.

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Fuel Your Customer Experience with unmatched Salesforce Expertise

We empower our clients to reimagine how they connect and engage with the customers. Our whole and sole strategy is to drive digital transformation using the Salesforce platform. We define our customer’s journey to build strong brand loyalty, a better customer experience, and a sales process so personalized that it feels too effortless

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    Dedicated Salesforce® Diversified Services

    Salesforce is so much more than a cloud-based CRM. It’s a “platform of platforms”, with thousands of third party apps and the capability for bespoke development. Our expertise extends across all products, solutions, and technologies of

    Salesforce Implementation for Healthcare Industry
    Implementing Salesforce solutions in the Healthcare industry has proven to increase efficiency through automation and personalization of services offered. It helps to improve patient care management as well as improvised after-care services.
    Salesforce Implementation for Life Sciences Industry
    Salesforce is strengthening automation and acceleration in the life sciences industry and exceeding patient expectations as well as inter-departmental operations. It also aids in research and development activities by simplifying different activities.
    Salesforce Implementation for Manufacturing Industries
    Salesforce aids in simplifying and streamlining numerous activities that need to be performed in the manufacturing industry. It automates job scheduling and planning activities which prove to be cost and time-efficient.
    Salesforce Implementation for Consumer Finished Goods
    Salesforce is much needed in the consumer finished goods industry to drive business growth and improve relations with retailers as well as suppliers. Co-ordination between different channels and departments is simplified with salesforce solutions.
    Salesforce Implementation for CRM & Other Use Cases
    Salesforce is the backbone of CRM and vice versa. The two of them go hand in hand as salesforce provides automation as well as personalization to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction and engagement.
    Salesforce Implementation for Bio Pharmaceuticals Industry
    Salesforce provides a framework for bio pharmaceutical industries to organize and streamline activities for the development and sales of pharmaceutical equipments as well as the research and development they carry out.
    Salesforce Implementation for Non-Profit Organisations
    Salesforce helps non-profits build a lasting relationship and trust with its beneficiaries and supports, at the same time manage all compliance and operational requirements by offering range of services making their journey less challenging atleast on the digital front.

    Metaoups is our invaluable partner. Their team has hands-on as well as planning, designing, architectural and quality assurance experience with service-oriented attitude. We've found a true partner for Child Empowerment Foundation India that is able to hold our hand and work with us to implement our visions and strategies. Binu Verma -

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