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When someone speaks about ‘Financial Services concerning the Salesforce CRM, you may think of Financial Services Cloud, the Salesforce product.

However, if we look back, there are various subcategories of that industry, multiple types of businesses with that label that can use Salesforce outside of just Financial Services Cloud.

Why do you Mean by Financial Services?

There are large institutions that are generally considered as B2B

  • Investment Banks 
  • Insurance Companies
  • Mutual Funds

And then, on the other hand, there are financial institutions that are individual or small businesses like

  • Insurance brokers
  • Banks: Community Banks, Retail Banks
  • Mortgage Brokers

How does Financial Services Cloud fill the Gap?

Salesforce is very flexible, expanding its offerings all the time. They have a perfect plan for what they’re going to do with the Financial Services Cloud.

Financial Services Cloud is expanding its services towards retail, B2C. Types of the cases where Financial Services Cloud outperforms are retail banks, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers.

How Financial services benefit from Salesforce

The top benefits Salesforce offers for Financial Services?

Let’s first understand the benefits of CRM. For example, we’re a retail bank. We have a long-standing system in the retail banking space, and the back office is used for tracking the number of assets. However, many companies are using a back-office tool like that for CRM. To understand it in a better way, it’s a system that’s amazing for loan processing, tracking transactions but not great for marketing functions or tracking interactions. Just having a CRM is a step forward for these organizations.

In terms of Salesforce, there are amazing benefits:

1. User Experience:

The Salesforce ecosystem sometimes takes this very easy and for granted, but the tech always outperforms. When we compare Salesforce to other CRM tools that financial institutions are using, the user experience is very good, especially now with Lightning.

2. Integration

The number of integrations both within the Salesforce ecosystem and outside is very strong.

When you’re standing with a best-in-class platform like Salesforce, there are many integrations to industry tools out there, either managed by Salesforce or not. 

3. The Salesforce Community

The talent, knowledge sharing, and resources are available online or in person. As you know, when you own a big CRM system knowing that you can reach out and get help either for your internal staff or hire external resources, it’s a very strong advantage that comes with being a Salesforce customer.

4. Customer Experience:

If CRM was just about back-office operations and helping sales/service teams individually work with clients, then customer experience is about giving your clients better digital experiences.

Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Experience Cloud – I consider these on the ‘customer experience’ side of the house. Creating online engagements, marketing campaigns with Experience Cloud, marketing campaigns using Pardot or Marketing Cloud. That’s where the leading firms are going.

Salesforce Financial Cloud Features


  • Streamline banking transactions

Perform banking transactions using an intuitive, convenient control panel available and accessible from any smart device connected to the Internet. With Financial Cloud Salesforce, you can easily acquire new clients and customers by improving the quality of service and centralized data management.

  • Becoming a top insurance company

Increasing competition in the insurance company requires entrepreneurs to adopt and take even greater digital steps. Use Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to get constant access to up-to-date data from the brokers and the agents. Plus, the solution can help you upscale your business.

  • Allow clients to manage their finances.

Provide your customers with a great tool for cash transactions management. Users can also use the analytics dashboard to plan their budget and estimate costs. This approach will increase the transparency of financial relationships with your clients and strengthen their trust in your enterprise.

  • Automate borrowing and lending operations

Use structured customer records from your Salesforce Financial Services Cloud banking suggestions for even faster and convenient processing requests. At the same time, you can minimize the risks associated with potentially unreliable clients and optimize lending rates through end-to-end risk assessment. Also, you can expand the competence of your staff almost without any training.

Financial Services Cloud is the best-automated software solution for completing and streamlining risk management and transactions. You can use Salesforce Cloud in business niches such as banking, insurance etc., for enhancing the quality of services and income level. You will get end-to-end automation for all business operations through Salesforce Financial Cloud as it minimizes the human risk factor.

Metaoups is an official Salesforce Consulting Partner that implements Salesforce Financial Service Cloud solutions. We will help you upscale your company at the lowest cost and with minimum effort.


We at Metaoups are a registered Silver Salesforce partner, regardless of whether you want to upgrade or optimize your existing or new implementation. It has the potential of developing and customizing solutions – most suitable for your organization. As a Salesforce consulting partner with a decent level of certifications, we can suggest and advise you on all sorts of matters – relating to the topics of design, integration, implementation, and operation of Salesforce. Com-based solutions. We have over 10 years of experience and knowledge in enhancing growth, achieving targets, and getting the best solution for your business goals and complexities. We have cracked the deals in diverse disciplines, including Health-Care, Education, Real-estate, and Financial Service providers. We have also helped our clients choose the best apps to satisfy their various needs.

As a Silver Salesforce Implementation partner and one of the best Salesforce Partners, we work with you to drive enterprise-wide digital transformations. 

Being one of the best Salesforce implementation partners, Metaoups has been helping to increase the efficiency of services, sales and marketing activities. Metaoups is a top-notch Salesforce consultant that delivers full-cycle consulting services. 


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