A few years ago, Salesforce introduced Salesforce Health Cloud, a cloud-based software solution meant to manage the relationship between the patient and the healthcare industry. It allows users to expand a complete view of the patient with integrated data from medical records and other essential information, create smarter care solutions, connect with patients and administer their entire data. This solution emphasizes on giving authority to organizations around the globe to connect their patients, workers, associates and collaborators with prompt information to increase their protection and well being. This solution can be put into action instantly and is very beneficial for both small and large healthcare organizations. There are various benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud which we will discuss below:

Data Centralization on Health Cloud


We know the fact that Salesforce health is a cloud-based software. It uses a centralized data storage space on the cloud, and this means that the medical services delivered can be monitored using analytics tools and becomes customary as per the requirement. This gives an additional advantage to hospitals that do research activities and clinical practices as they gain benefit from data stored on the cloud. Data like patient records and statistics are easily accessible from any device. It is not necessary to be present at the hospital site to obtain any kind of data or work within the hospital area. It is now easy for the administrators to manage and prioritize hospital duties in real-time without any need to call staff meetings or drop tons of emails.


Immediate Service Delivery


Patients feel delighted when they are treated and attended in a speedy way. The betterment of the institution depends upon how quickly healthcare staff conduct services to patients. This helps in saving time, and extra tasks can also be accomplished in the hospital facility. Salesforce Health Cloud allows the deliverance of services to extremely personalized patients. People who are concerned with the case for admission can access patient record files. Salesforce Health Cloud makes it easier for immediate and speed service delivery for healthcare industries.


Developing Associations with Salesforce Health Cloud


Inventive collaborations via Health cloud can be very beneficial for medical and health professionals. This cloud computing technology enables physicians to collaborate and treat a patient as a team from a distance. Salesforce has functions designed and modified in such a way for healthcare organizations that make it possible to achieve this level of collaboration. This allows hospitals to look for and get an advantage from highly specialist opinions and also allows them to offer services to other hospitals without any requirement to be present at the location. According to recent research, the health cloud will be utilized by most industry professionals to host patient empowerment tools.  


360 Degree View of the Patient


Many healthcare and life science organizations are desperate to obtain the 360-view of their consumer. With Salesforce Health Cloud, this becomes possible. Nowadays, healthcare consumers expect personalized and easy access to medical resources. Health Cloud provides a unique 360-view of the patient. Using other care-management software may cost a significant amount to the providers to pull up the visiting records and data. This leaves them to focus less on patients. Health Cloud is the solution for this. Instead of switching to multiple systems to obtain information on patients, customers can view a customized dashboard showing important information. Apart from this, office staff can also access the information useful to them like insurance information, date of last visit and other information. Healthcare providers can quickly monitor a patient’s health history and interactions with other providers like therapists, pharmacists and dietitians with the help of this 360-degree view.

Advanced Approach


Salesforce Health Cloud is considered to be a sophisticated healthcare software that has the potential to boost patient relationships and mount the quality of medical services provided. Although creating most of the solution is a tough task. It requires a precise and advanced approach to properly set it up. The health cloud is integrated into the existing software infrastructure of the healthcare organization, and it is customized to meet the requirements of the hospital or clinic through the required customization and additional features. 


Secure Integration


Salesforce Health Cloud integrates with EHRs as well as patient portals, and this helps both patients and providers to access health information securely. Online portals give patients the advantage to access test results and PHI, and also to connect with their care team. Health Cloud is considered a valuable nursing care management tool as patients often reach out to nurses first for any requirement. To ensure security, different user access levels are created by the administrator and only those who need it can access the data. Data privacy and security has always been a primary concern for Salesforce, and it has proved it by creating a Health cloud. Patients are ensured that their personal health data is secured and protected.

Note: Apart from the Health Cloud, the healthcare and medical industry benefits from many other Salesforce applications like the Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and many more.


The Salesforce health cloud has revolutionized the personalized healthcare system. Not only has it provided a platform for patients and healthcare providers to collaborate upon and meet the expected results, but features like storage of important patient data also ensure that there’s always a space for innovation and research, based on the same results. Salesforce Health Cloud enables healthcare service providers to better engage with their patients at every point of need. It has opened a new door towards the building of a healthy relationship that has trust and satisfaction in its very foundation. Be it about receiving personalized care or attracting and retaining more patients, Salesforce Health Cloud is at the forefront of modern and digital healthcare.