Salesforce is indeed the most popular and widely used CRM having valuable features and functionalities. New products and features year after year is what makes it the most preferred platform. Salesforce has come a long way with such an evolution. 

Businesses need to understand how they can use the technology to increase business ROI. There are two important aspects of Salesforce ROI: increasing revenue and minimizing the cost of your investment. It would help if you made sure that you and your employees are doing all to take full advantage of everything to achieve both. Then, Salesforce can help your organization thrive.


 To that end, we’ve assembled this list of Salesforce best features that can help organizations optimize their Salesforce implementation for mitigating costs incurred due to customer and employee churn. Of course, it is always a good option to seek support from a reliable Salesforce consultant.


Benefits of Salesforce CRM


  1. More insights into the data

  2. Automation of the business process

  3. Faster problem solving

  4. Improved tea collaboration

  5. Ability to predict user needs

  6. Effective campaigning

  7. Improved customer experience


The job of Salesforce Consultant to increase ROI


A Salesforce consultant plays an important role in the customer relationship management of a company. They are the prime source of the company. They understand the problem of the clients and offer relevant solutions to them. These solutions are approved and forwarded to the developer’s department. 


Responsibilities of a Salesforce Consultant:

  • To add value to Organizational goals
  • To be an expert in technical matters
  • To create and manage projects
  • To manage the client relationship 
  • To increase the ROI of the organization
  • To mentor and guide other teams 
  • To design and develop customer solutions 

Implementation of Salesforce


Salesforce is known for its quick and easy-first time setup. Salesforce consultants use industry practices to customize, implement the Salesforce for the users. It might not be difficult to set up Salesforce, but it is of no use if one is not fully aware of the features. A salesforce consultant can help customize the salesforce cloud and make it unique for the business requirements. A salesforce consultant has the knowledge and experience that would be useful for the users for immediate growth. In addition, they help the business with the up-gradation and updating of the software to meet the ever-changing industry requirements. 


How can a salesforce Consultant increase ROI?

Salesforce consultants work towards problem-solving related to technological processes. They make sure that customers reap maximum benefits out of Salesforce. The salesforce consultant constantly works with clients to assess their business practices and implement the best strategies.


Some of the ways a Salesforce Consultant can increase business ROI include:


  • Quick Setup

A salesforce consultant knows about the features and the workings of the Salesforce, so the users can save time trying to understand the setup and make their CRM more unique. In addition, a salesforce consultant easily modifies the features, settings, makes changes and automates according to the customer’s needs. 


  • Easy execution

A salesforce consultant helps in CRM implementation with the streamlined flow, increased productivity, reduced operational expenses, improved communications and better and efficient customer experience. 


  • Saves time and money

Consultants can help businesses get the best-suited features according to the company’s requirements at affordable rates. They are professionally trained to handle issues and solve them in the best possible ways, ensuring on-time and accurate solutions for your business. 


  • Professional services

Salesforce consultant focuses on implementing the most appropriate strategies for the expansion of the business. With the right kind of strategies and improved customer relationships, the business can grow faster. 


With the help of a professional and experienced Salesforce Consultant, a business can strive in the market with the latest technologies and proper planning. If you hire a Salesforce consultant, you will save lots of time and money plus gain the confidence of a great quality of work which is definitely not possible without professional help. In addition, improved customer relations and an upgraded system of Salesforce can ensure an increased ROI for the business. 



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