Salesforce is a vast platform. It offers a wide range of products and services that bring proficiency and ease to business operations. The benefits of the Salesforce CRM are countless and have gained it the title of “King Of CRMs.” The vastness and robust nature of Salesforce means one thing, that is, it can be super complex in terms of development, implementation, maintenance and usage. While it is a tempting idea to have the DIY approach to save money or to hire a Salesforce developer, it can result in a disaster in the long run. That is why you need to hire a Salesforce consultant. Whether you are an existing user, an established enterprise, someone is thinking of getting it for the first time or a startup out of a pizza parlour. If you want Salesforce, you need a consultant. Want more reasons? Well, we have this whole article full of reasons. Read on.


Salesforce Products


Salesforce offers many powerful cloud-based services that you can use to transform your business. All of these products and services cater to different requirements based on the type of client’s business. A few of Salesforce offerings are:

1. Sales Cloud

2. Service Cloud

3. Marketing Cloud

4. Community Cloud

5. Data Cloud

6. Manufacturing Cloud

7. Analytics Cloud

8. PardotApp Cloud

All of these clouds offer different features. For business owners, it is really easy to get confused over what product to choose from. However, even if you have some idea about the features of specific clouds, it’s crucial to know what applications to install to make the most of your Salesforce suite.

Salesforce comes with a set of requirements right from the beginning. From implementation to user training, if not done right, you might be left wondering why this awesome platform that the world is going gaga over didn’t work well for you.  

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Salesforce Consultant


Now that you have an idea about the chances of getting your Salesforce wrong, we can talk about why you need to get a Salesforce consultant and how they can help you achieve those magical milestones with the CRM.

1. Insightful Assessment of your Business

Consultants differ from developers in the fact that they are not just coders. Instead, they are people with an understanding of business processes, KPIs, goals and requirements. They assess your business, discuss the challenges you face, analyze your capabilities and then suggest the right set of products and features package for you to have the perfect Salesforce experience.

2. You’ll save a good amount of time

Salesforce consultant companies provide you with highly experienced professionals who are pros at what they do. They have great knowledge of all the technical details relating to the implementation and optimization of cloud services. Having such help ensures that things get completed in time. 

3. Smooth Customization

Businesses change over time. So do their goals, challenges and needs. If you are an existing Salesforce customer, chances are you might not need some of the cloud features that you are using now. You may even need some extra Salesforce solutions for your next projects. A consultant can always determine your requirements and make the custom changes.

4. Tap on Salesforce Updates

The folks at Salesforce are aware of the changes in the business world. And thus, Salesforce issues multiple updates for their products to be at par with those changes. Now you may or may not need those updates. But how would you know? Salesforce Consultants work with multiple clients and are in constant touch with the Salesforce environment. As a result, they can implement the updates timely, keeping you ahead of the competition.

5. Using the Salesforce Platform to full potential

Salesforce features are amazing. Thanks to automation and AI, the number of functions it can perform is incredible. From Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) to providing seamless customer service, you can utilize CRM in many directions. Only a certified Salesforce consultant can make that possible because they are people with knowledge and expertise.

6. Efficient Solutions for problems

Salesforce deals with tremendous amounts of data and reports. Using it also demands a lot of strategy building. One might often feel in trouble or even lost in many cases. Complex systems can pose complex situations and problems of various kinds. Having a on your side will ensure that the necessary steps are taken to remove the problems and keep the system going smoothly.

7. Expert Advice 

As I mentioned earlier, Salesforce Consultants are not mere coders who will deliver you just with what you ask them for. They work with different domains of businesses, and they know what can work and what cannot. They won’t agree with you just because you said it. Instead, they will discuss, argue and then suggest. Such knowledge will ultimately prove a huge asset for your business and an unbiased outside opinion. 

8. Risk/Sales forecasts and Strategy Building

Arguably the most important feature of the Salesforce CRM is that it gives detailed reports. However, deriving immediate and long-term outcomes from the reports is not a cup of tea for anyone. The Consultant comes to the rescue yet again. They can forecast risks based on sales performance and customer behaviour. The right strategies and marketing plans can be drawn with accurate predictions, and your campaigns can yield much better results.  

9. User Training 

The Consultant will also provide you and others from your organization who will use the Salesforce application. They will make you aware of the best practices and help you through future changes and updates. Training with a consultant means the best form of training with someone who possesses a great level of technical knowledge and expertise. It further reduces the chances of failures and mistakes.

10. Better Utilization of Resources

Integrating a new system or making changes into the existing one requires a lot of effort, costs and engagement. Think about the amount of time, money and employee hours your company can save if you let the experts do the job. All these resources can be easily channelled towards making your organization efficient and boost your sales. 

11. Long-Lasting Relationships and Services

Salesforce is not an overnight thing. It takes time. One should assume that it would mature with time and the user. Salesforce is an ecosystem. It learns, and so does the user. Salesforce consultants provide longtime 24/7 services and provide help whenever necessary. They will help you through future changes and updates.


When Should you hire a Salesforce Consultant?


 Well, the proper answer to this is Right Now! Salesforce, once inducted, becomes the backbone of all your business operations. Therefore, you want the best possible approach with everything related, and hiring a consultant makes sense. First, though, I’ll list a few conditions which may motivate you for this: 

a) You want Salesforce integrated into your enterprise. It means either you are using some other CRM platform and want to adopt Salesforce or are completely new to the term CRM.

b) You are not able to use the Salesforce Services and products to the maximum.

c) You and others in your office are facing issues while using and maintaining the application.

d) You are witnessing a downfall in sales, unsatisfied customers, and your projects are not performing as they should have.

e) You are struggling with your reports, and decision-making is becoming increasingly tougher.

f) You are unable to realize ROI from your Salesforce suite.

You may face many other issues not listed here. The answer to all of them would be a Salesforce Consultancy Provider.

How to Find the right Salesforce Partner for your Business? 


It would be best to keep some factors in mind while choosing the right Salesforce Consulting Partner for your firm. I’m putting some of them here:

a) Relevant Experience and expertise.

b) Salesforce Certifications Received

c) Reviews on Salesforce Appexchange and other sources

d) Robust service and support structure

e) Individual skill-set and team size.


We have a detailed article on how to select the right Salesforce Consultant. You can find the article here

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