If you are into a business, you must know how hard it is to attract a customer with all the marketing and different strategies. You invest a lot of time and money to gain customers’ trust. And even after so much effort, losing on them would be the greatest loss. This is exactly why Customer Retention is the greatest point in a business.

The business looks over the overall customer experience to improve customer retention rate.


Now let’s talk about Salesforce. It is an integrated CRM platform that provides a single and shared view of every customer. This integrated CRM platform offers various products for Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Community etc. and brings them into a single platform.

Salesforce allows complete customization for the organizations to fit in the specific needs. Before getting into the points on how Salesforce can improve customer retention rate, let’s first understand Why Customer Retention is important.


Why is Customer Retention important?

Customer retention means the ability of a company to convert first-time customers to repeated buyers and stop them from switching to competitors. Customer retention strategies are the initiatives that businesses have put in place to build customer loyalty and improve customer service. 

Customer retention strategies should not be time-consuming or strategy. When customers would start feeling that their opinions matter, they remain committed to the same company and refer others.

Customer loyalty is not just about repeated business, but they also provide free recommendations to their friends, family and colleagues.


Now let’s understand how Salesforce can help in Customer Retention.


Using Salesforce for Customer Retention

A Salesforce development company helps in customer retention through the following points and in the most effective ways 


  • Personalize Communication with Customers


With Salesforce, users will be able to personalize emails, landing pages, forms, and more. For example, the name of the custom is mentioned in the message body or the subject line of the email to give it a personalized touch. This is one of the effective ways to target customers and make them feel like that email is particularly written for them. In addition, you can further customer the content of the email according to the needs and interests of the customer. Even the website content can be customized to appeal to the customer.


  • Centralized Customer Data


With the help of the Salesforce platform, one could easily centralize all the data sources in one single location or view. Centralizing customer data would ensure that the users are not required to worry about the accuracy and verification of data or determine whether the data is duplicated or not. The only focus should be on the customer’s interest and their needs.


  • Track and re-engage with inactive subscribers


Check the list of inactive subscribers who are not engaging enough and thus prove to be disadvantageous to click and open rates. It will eventually degrade the email lists. But if a Salesforce Enterprise account is there, there is a limitation of 500 mass email subscribers at one single time. The integration will be needed if one wants to send more. Marketing software and email marketing tools both can be used for this purpose.


  • Track Customer Interaction


Using Salesforce, businesses can keep track of their customers by tracking the interaction in real-time. For example, if a lead adds the product to the cart and the generation form, that would also help the marketing team make adjustments accordingly. In addition, Salesforce data can be easily connected with other marketing data by using tools like GA connector, allowing the business to see what customers are reading and what they are actually clicking on while browsing.


  • Integrate Customer Service Tools


Most organizations have a team that is dedicated to customer retention. With the integration of the Salesforce Customer Service app or implementing tools like Service Cloud, Everyone can easily access customer queries, requests, and complaints. 

There are many more points that can be used effectively to use the salesforce platform for customer retention. For this purpose, Salesforce Consulting Companies ensure to increase customer retention rate with various features.



Although, customer acquisitions seem like a fast and effective way to increase revenue. Still, it is not considered to be the proper strategy for long-term success. 

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