The present is probably the best time for the Customer. Businesses and corporates around the globe are putting great attention towards customer satisfaction. They now understand that no matter how good their product or services are, the one thing that gives them the ultimate growth is Customer or user experience. The reason for the success and worldwide popularity of Salesforce is that everything it offers has one thing at its core: customer experience. On surface, it looks like Salesforce is focused on implementing ease of business operations, but everything ultimately makes the Customer happy. A happy customer is a returning customer and is of huge value to the business. In this blog, we will discuss how to improve customer retention using the Salesforce platform.


Salesforce is a complete package that offers all the features to properly address customer needs and queries. Some of the most important features worth mentioning are:-

  • Personalized Content and care

When we buy something and then receive a mail from them mentioning our name and asking us for feedback or any assistance with the product, we feel good, don’t we? Personalization gives the Customer the acknowledgement and recognition they can appreciate and builds brand value and trust. Companies store customer data for this one purpose. Also helps them with marketing campaigns and better targeting. Salesforce Pardot tracks user behaviour based on their interactions with websites and ensures a smoother and tailored user experience dynamically.



  • Central Database

With data centralization, access and decision making becomes easy and swift. Merging all the data in a single location also eliminates the worry for data verification and inaccuracy. All the effort that goes into data management can be easily be turned towards improving the user experience.

  • Inactive Customer Interaction

Interaction with the existing customers is important, even if they haven’t visited your website in a long time. They know your brand. Getting a new customer is difficult and requires money and effort. A non-responsive customer can be addressed by tracking their activities and touchpoints. Such customers can then be classified according to their activity types and then engaged via various methods.



  • Centralized Integration of Softwares

Getting a 360-degree view of the Customer is crucial, and one can achieve that by integrating Salesforce with all our applications like Gmail, Dropbox, Mail Chip etc. Salesforce has made it possible to unite the marketing and sales departments in a much better way now. Anyone can now access the data belonging to different departments, like purchase history, time spent on the website, etc. Customer queries can be addresses much quickly and efficiently.

  • Customer Service tools

Salesforce can work wonders when it comes to customer service. Easy access to customer grievances, queries and requests from different departments in one place makes it possible for teams to utilize the information to the utmost. The information can be used for solving customer issues and upselling products or services.

  • Finding the Loopholes

An unsubscribing customer can be a matter of worry for you. It can leave you confused and clueless. Salesforce Analytics Cloud comes to the rescue. The Analytics cloud can help you with deeper insights into customer behaviour. You can also understand the reason for the decreased productivity and user disengagement. Thus, turning your worries into an opportunity to improve your efforts or make changes accordingly.

  • Connect on Social Media

Engaging with your customers on social media gives engagement a human touch. Using tools in Salesforce Social Customer Service, you can provide more value in the form of a high-quality relationship. Social media platforms can be used to study user behaviour based on their followings and likings. You can also keep them posted about the happening in your business like sales, offers, latest products, reviews and much more. Driving more trust and value to your brand.


  • Customer Feedback and Updates

If there’s a way of becoming better and keep growing in business, it’s customer feedback. And the best way of doing that is through Salesforce Surveys. Letting the customers answer questions about brands and products is as easy as putting us a survey on the thank you page, social media or via e-mail. The data collected can be used to prepare reports. Keeping the customers updated about various aspects related to them and your business can go a long way in helping you and the Customer alike. Payment reminders, informing about upcoming events or changes due to any uncertainties etc., save your customers from bad experiences and you from the resulting loss of brand value. Also, the Customer feels a better connection with your brand.



Salesforce addresses the best method for customer retention, which is improving the Customer’s journey with the brand at every touchpoint. It has many efficient tools for various solutions. Customers are the most valuable assets any business can have. In today highly competitive and digital era, customer satisfaction is a matter that can boost or ruin a business’s reputation and growth. Salesforce has emerged as the best platform that has armed businesses with all the right tools and has spoilt the customers for choices. 


Choose the right Partner:- Salesforce can be confusing and difficult to implement and use. Therefore, choosing a partner with the right experience is of utmost priority to reap the platform’s benefits. At Metaoups, we have just what you want, the right people with the right strategies. 

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