Building up a company is not straightforward. Business is efficient only if it has a systematic and productive way of obtaining leads so that they can be converted to sales and eventually to loyal customers. 

There are many systems available that allow businesses to manage customer relationships effortlessly including Salesforce, SAP, ZOHO, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Nimble, Sugar, HubSpot, PIPEDRIVE, CRM Creatio, etc. are some of the famous ones. These are known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications or systems. 

CRM helps to accomplish contact management, lead management, sales forecasting, instant messaging between employees, email monitoring, and integration with Outlook and Gmail, file and sharing of content, and dashboard-based analysis. 

Out of all the CRM, Salesforce is the top CRM software. Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based CRM platform that helps the company develop into a more organized, effective, and efficient enterprise across all databases. Having been on the market since the 1990s, Salesforce has grown into one of the most creative and robust CRM tools capable of meeting all the business requirements.

So why is Salesforce better than others in this cloud space?

These are some convincing reasons:

1: Easy Customization and Scalability: 

CRM is an investment. Therefore, not only does it take care of the current requirements of a business, but also of potential needs; and any company that makes such an investment requires this guarantee. That’s just what Salesforce is able to do. So, whether it’s looking for a company’s existing customer relationship or looking for a customer base that will grow up over the next five years, Salesforce has the capability and ability to scale up. 

Every business has its own needs, and it’s the same for business customers as well. Not only is Salesforce flexible, but it can also tailor to suit the specific needs of a company. According to Salesforce figures, 86% of customers accept that personalization plays an essential role in buying decisions. Implementation of Salesforce solutions in different industries varies according to the need of the business.

Salesforce allows companies to personalize emails that are sent to consumers. Salesforce also takes into account the particular purchasing history of customers. With the Salesforce App Cloud, organizations can build and run all their custom applications.

2: Multi-Tenant Platform:

All consumers of Salesforce share the same infrastructure and software case. This allows all users on the network to upgrade automatically and simultaneously while keeping their data safe. This implies that you get the new and most significant features with automatic, seamless updates three times a year.

3: Partner ecosystem:

When you’re a Salesforce AppExchange affiliate, you will have access to a wide variety of free and popular software. You can also create Salesforce applications and market them as well. Also, you have access to a wide variety of resources that allow you to find the tools you need quickly.

4: Advantages of Salesforce’s Cloud-Based Software:

Salesforce provides a range of creative SaaS solutions that allow companies to use a common platform. This turns out to be cheaper. Businesses can ensure that their sales activities improve several times, and even their interactions are improved across the numerous Salesforce cloud offerings. 

These cloud offers are Sales Cloud, Operation Cloud, and Sales Chatter. Sales Cloud is a feature-packed, tool-loaded platform that takes care of everything relevant to the customer, from contact management to sales pipeline tracking and support to performance monitoring.

5: More Secure:

Data protection is one of the most critical aspects of organizations using CRM. Data security has been one of Salesforce’s focal points right from the outset. This is very significant since many CRMs do not pay close attention to security concerns related to business data. However, Salesforce has pre-installed security features that allow small businesses to determine who can access their data within their company, making it a very stable and secure software.

6: Features rich for marketers and salespersons:

One of the reasons Salesforce is so popular is that it is loaded with features like no other CRM software. Features such as contact management, workflow development, task management, opportunity tracking, collaboration software, customer interaction tools, analytics, and intuitive, mobile-ready dashboard. The features can be tailor-made according to the requirements of different industries.

In addition to these features, there are features built for marketers such as social media integration, marketing leads tracking, and Email integration. Sales forecasting, sales communities, and sales management reporting are all valuable features for salespeople.

7: Mobile CRM:

Salesforce was one of the first organizations to implement the concept of mobile CRM. Now, even if you’re on holiday, you can realize the full power of Salesforce on your computer.

8: NonProfit Organizations:

Salesforce is ideal not only for corporations but also for non-profit organizations. Salesforce is giving back to the company through the Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud, as non-profits will streamline their activities at a much lower rate.


After its launch, Salesforce has helped a wide range of businesses to manage better and expand their customers. If both of you are looking for the perfect CRM for your company, look no further. Salesforce is dedicated to excellence and will start paying dividends in no time with its excellent features and marketing automation solutions.