In today’s era of full competition, preparing your business for desired outcomes isn’t easy. This is primarily because customers expect personalized and timely interaction with brands that have become more informed. Consequently, marketers should also be ready for transformational change. 


Converting leads into customers is one of the company’s top marketing challenges. Lead conversion is not a simple and straightforward process. Lead nurturing is a critical process of converting your leads. 48% of businesses say leads require ‘long cycle’ nurturing to successfully convert them into customers.

While marketers and sales reps make every effort to turn prospects into sales opportunities. Rather their goal is to build a strong relationship with them, which would help them to close sales deals quickly. However, personalizing every interaction across a long sales cycle can be a very long and daunting process and thus requires having in place a well-thought-out lead nurturing strategy. 

What are you going to do with the contact lists? What will be your next steps? How will you build strong relationships with your leads and make them your customers? Here are our recommendations on how to nurture the leads to convert them with the help of Salesforce. 

If your business is struggling to nurture leads consistently then Salesforce offers the perfect solution to manage your leads and support your sales team in various ways. Get in touch with a reliable  Salesforce partner if you wish to seek assistance for automating your lead nurturing process. 

Organize Lead Information:

Leads need to be handled properly with the help of a robust system in place. By installing a cloud-based CRM like Salesforce, managing lead information becomes easier. You can enter the contact details of your leads, keep a track of their calls, and emails while scheduling follow-ups which increases the chance of them getting converted.

Lead Nurture

Leads showing interest do not mean they’re ready to purchase your service or product. They have only shown interest and would like to know more about your service or product before they pull out the money. That’s why it is important to nurture them instead of selling them straight away. So, how would you nurture the leads?


Do not just send the sales pitch to the leads. Put together a plan to be in touch with the leads and to let them know what exactly your brand is and your products. Plan a lead nurture journey where they receive your communications over some time learning more about your products and services. Automate the marketing communication which helps in reducing the marketing and sales team’s efforts during the lead nurturing phase.



Whether the lead comes from your website or social media or any other source, your whole purpose is to educate them about the product you offer.

Use the Process Builder of Salesforce to design the journey flow and to incorporate the leads into the lead nurture process. Based on the lead source and segmentation, allowing the leads to enter different paths in the flow and receive timely communication.



 While it is important to access and organize lead information, it’s not of any use if you aren’t able to track your leads. Salesforce with its features allows you to 

  • categorize lead status 

  • convert qualified leads to contacts

  • Monitor the progress of the leads

  • track the open rate and click rate of each individual email

  • build reports and dashboards 

Salesforce helps you to understand whether the lead nurture process is giving the results you expect. Tweak the flow and the communication content if needed after tracking for at least a couple of weeks.


It’s important to include lead nurturing within your sales and marketing strategy. However, it’s important to utilize automation resources for nurturing your leads especially if you are scaling up your business to ensure you’re connecting with your audience at every step of the buying process. To know more about the benefits of using Salesforce for nurturing your leads, it’s prudent to partner with an experienced Salesforce consultant.

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