Medical equipment manufacturing is one of the sectors that face huge challenges on a daily basis. Apart from being highly competitive, this field is also ever-evolving with great pace. The technology revolution has created a big space for new innovations and new things are coming up every day. All of these advancements pose new challenges as the businesses need to update and evolve to be at par with the current trend. Medical equipment manufacturers also simply couldn’t remain untouched from the phenomenon of change. With new technologies and innovations, the customer’s demands and expectations have also changed tremendously. A study by NTT Data Services reveals that around 60% of the consumers want their healthcare systems experience to be at par with retail. Availability and access to technology have made customers “The King” in every business scenario. Salesforce solutions fit just right and fill the gap.


Changes, especially caused by technology, present industries with new challenges as well as opportunities. Salesforce is a one-stop solution for all the challenges and implementing the application effectively can turn those challenges into tremendous opportunities. It has the ability, to sum up, all the processes from top management to sales representatives. The industry understands that there’s a need to transfer the focus from the “Product” to the “Customer”. Salesforce solutions make it possible to find the prospects in the awareness of the conversion journey of the customers.


Here we look at some of the features of the Salesforce CRM and discuss how the Medical Equipment Industry is benefiting from them:

Sales Leads


Today’s market is completely data-driven. The same applies to medical equipment manufacturing too. Data is mostly collected via “Contact us” forms. The nature of the data or query can be as simple as an order for a single device, or as complex as a set of different enquiries for many products. All this data is fed into the CRM. The Salesforce CRM allows the sales team to store and manage all the leads in one place and also track conversions. This ensures that the right level of attention is directed towards the leads.

Order Approvals and management


Sales quotes are general rules-based and can be complex in many cases. But once defined, they can be configured into the CRM that would help create workflows for the automation of the approval process. The quotes are then converted into orders. Thus Salesforce solutions streamline the complete “Quote-Order-Invoice” process. The application also tracks and manages the orders and invoices.

Deep insights into marketing campaigns


Thanks to automation and AI, the application allows the business to have a clear picture of customer engagement. This single feature inside the CRM improves the effectiveness of the email campaigns multi-folds. Automation also provides the customers with a much better and personalized user experience by sending the right mail to the right person, just at the right time. Salesforce CRM also facilitates collaboration between the sales and the marketing teams by allowing sharing of crucial information. This can give a great insight into the marketing efforts, and help decide future marketing plans.

Other Salesforce product for the health care industry in the Salesforce Health Cloud. The application has completely revolutionized the industry. Click on the link to read more.

Special services for special customers


Medical devices customers may face various kinds of problems and require services. The problem can range from shipment delays, or replacement of parts, to something as simple as a gap in training for device operation. Whatever may be the problem, Salesforce CRM ensures that the customer’s issues are solved in a pleasant and timely manner. Right from issuing a service request token, or a complaint ticket, to dispatching a field technician or replacement part, the CRM takes care of everything until the resolution of the issues.

Customer data and feedback


In a field like medical device manufacturing, feedback and customer data become matters of top priority. Feedback and reviews from the patients, doctors and other related people are crucial. The common questionnaire and survey method don’t hold any ground just for the sole reason that they are not interactive. Also, they require a lot of time and effort. Salesforce provides the ability to make these surveys not just more interactive, but also relevant and well-timed, for example, right after resolving a customer’s issue. This creates a sphere for improvement in both the product and the customer service.

Salesforce CRM has emerged as a game-changer in the healthcare and medical equipment sector. More manufacturers are shifting their operations on to the platform. The benefits are clear and effective to avoid. The application aligns sales-marketing-operations saving a huge amount of money and efforts that can be utilized in improving the user experience, product development and innovation. The increased collaboration among different departments of the business has resulted in much better results. Salesforce solutions, by successfully implementing technologies like AI and automation, has helped the customers get a much better and seamless user experience. The manufacturers in return have received much better insight in terms of customer data and analytics. They have been successful in creating the right sales funnels with the right marketing strategies, ultimately resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and higher revenue for the enterprise.


The Salesforce application, along with AI is being progressively used for monitoring medical devices. This approach is set to transform the medical device industry. Couple CRM and AI with machine learning and we have a system that learns and is able to decide on its own revealing the depths of the device’s performance. Such systems help the manufacturers decide what the patient’s exact need is. Nothing can be a better scenario for a sector that is responsible for improving the lives of people with the help of machines and devices. Salesforce CRM provides an unparalleled edge that has helped manufacturers develop a 360-degree approach towards the customer while enabling them to achieve advancements and profit in the highly competitive market.