Salesforce is indeed the most popular and widely used CRM having valuable features and functionalities. Salesforce has come a long way with such an evolution. New products and features year after year is what makes it the most preferred platform.

You must be aware that Successful Salesforce implementation requires strategic planning, commitment, persistence and experience as Salesforce is a dynamic platform with infinite possibilities. The strategic planning phase is where success starts. So you need to choose the right Salesforce Implementation Partner.



Salesforce CPQ is not a selling tool even though it’s used for configuring products and services for selling. Instead, It is an operations tool. CPQ consulting partner has to have industry experience and understand how the customer is operating in order to implement Salesforce CPQ for its customers.CPQ is not that easy, and the implementation project needs to be treated with great attention in order to assure that a successful system is deployed. It requires a lot of planning. A Salesforce Partner that specializes in Quote-to-cash implementation will be able to consult and implement CPQ. 


Through our decade of experience, we have put down a few points that could help you with finding your ideal Salesforce Expert.

1. Understanding of your industry

Your Salesforce CPQ consultant should have expertise in your business domain. They should invest time in understanding your day-to-day Operations Business Model. With strong domain expertise, your business can gain more automation. And that is what we at Metaoups do. We make sure that our team fully understands your Goals, Objectives and your Expectation to provide you with the best Salesforce Implementation.


2. Average available Time

You will need to choose a salesforce consultant who understands your business, understands your Goals, Objectives and your Expectation to provide you with the best Salesforce Implementation.

 It is good to have a lighter budget by engaging a Partner to emphasize check responsiveness.


3. Customer Satisfaction

With a Mid-size business in hand, the following are the aspects a business owner should focus on to get the maximum benefits out of their Salesforce investment:

  • Quality than quantity
  • Efficiency
  • 100% On-time deliverables
  • Customer Delight

Check customer satisfaction scores from previous engagements.


4. Salesforce Certifications

Choose a partner with multiple certifications to ensure that they are well trained and informed about the critical aspects of Salesforce which guarantees risk assessment from various angles, handling the complex environment and cost savings.

  1. Personalization – Every Proposal has some unique requirements which could be adding that extra feature. In a few cases, these keep evolving as the deal progresses through various stages. Still, when customers want to modify their requirements, make some adjustments when you go in with more discounts, Sales representatives are required to create or modify quotes on the go. The approval process also can be done on the go as they use workflows that could be predefined. This applies to both your home-grown Sales Representatives using Salesforce CPQ and your Partners/Distributors using CPQ Partner Community using Salesforce Community Cloud in some cases.

At Metaoups, we implement CPQ from scratch; also, we have helped our customers because the initial setup did not maximize their investment and the system was not meeting expectations. Our team of certified Salesforce CPQ consultants will help you automate your workflow process, extend mobile capabilities and utilize enhanced analytics to show your executive team the added benefit from your Salesforce CPQ roll-out and achieve the best out of your business Goal and Salesforce Implementation. 


Metaoups is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and is considered as one of the best and the top Salesforce Development Companies in Texas, the USA and India focusing on high quality and scalable solutions for business problems. 


Fuel your customer experience with unmatched Salesforce Expertise 

Contact us to know more about Salesforce Implementation Services and we are here to help your business implement Salesforce quickly and enhance employee productivity.


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