1. Why do we need a CRM consultant to provide Salesforce Consulting Services?

Salesforce is the most popular CRM in today’s generation, which is widely used for maintaining customer relationships by organisations worldwide. 

If you want to integrate a Salesforce CRM solution for your business, awesome choice. But Salesforce comes with vast potential, and companies often fail to determine it, which falls in their project. If you want to explore the unlimited potential of Salesforce, you require to hire Salesforce consultants.


2. Why are Small Businesses implementing Salesforce Customer 360?

Salesforce Customer 360 is a platform to help businesses connect with customers by promoting cohesive internal operations. It is designed to connect with customers by promoting consistent operations by bringing sales, commerce service, marketing, analytics and IT. 

Salesforce 360 has become the foremost choice of small businesses because of the following reasons:

  • It delivers a personalized customer experience

  • It makes it easy for your business to scale and grow

  • It provides better Customer Experience

  • It helps in detailed Business Forecasting

  • It allows making better business decisions

3. How can I use Salesforce Service Cloud in the most productive way?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM platform for customer service and support, and it is considered the best customer service platform. Thus, it helps you to provide your customers with faster, smarter, and more personalized services.

Salesforce Service Cloud can help you to:

  • Improve Customer Retention

  • Improve Productivity of Employees

  • Improve Customer Data Security

4. What are the powerful Salesforce features to maximize ROI?

Salesforce best features that can help organizations optimize their Salesforce implementation for mitigating costs incurred due to customer and employee churn. Of course, it is always a good option to seek support from a reliable Salesforce consultant.

  • More insights into the data
  • Automation of the business process
  • Faster problem solving
  • Improved collaborations
  • Ability to predict user needs
  • Effective campaigning
  • Improved Customer Experience

5. What are the tips to follow while choosing the right salesforce consulting partner?

Salesforce is only good when implemented by someone who is good and understands the application inside out. That’s where the need for a Salesforce Consultant comes in. Though you may or may not hire a Salesforce Administrator according to your requirements, only an experienced Consultant can help you implement the right set of tools and utilize them to the fullest.

Few tips for you:

  • Educate yourself with the basics of salesforce

  • Set your goals and expectations

  • Always Value Experience

  • Know about Salesforce Certifications

  • Look for reviews

  • Choose quality over price

  • Individual expertise and team size

  • Discuss the product management methodology

  • Ask about their support structure

  • Define key roles

  • Get into a long term relationship

6. Which is the best CRM for Non Profit organizations?

Salesforce Nonprofit CRM Software is an end-to-end platform specifically designed for fundraising organizations and other non-profit organizations to expand their audience and reach digitally, stream their external and internal management by keeping track of each and everything.

Below are a few points of using Salesforce for nonprofits:

  • Salesforce is easy to use

  • Boost operational efficiency

  • Customization

  • Accurate reporting

  • Immense support

  • Fundraising with Non-profit cloud

7. Which is the best Salesforce Consultancy and Implementation Service in Ohio?

Metaoups is a Salesforce consulting firm in Ohio that provides Salesforce implementation services. Metaoups team of Salesforce consultants has been proven to be the best and the most trusted salesforce consulting firm in Ohio. We help you to enhance your sales, elevate customer experience & maximize return on investment. We ensure that you get the most out of your investment by continuously improving their system and taking advantage of Salesforce’s new features.



  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Field Serve Solution

  • CPQ – Quote To Cash

  • Development and Integration


Metaoups has implemented, integrated customized Salesforce CRM services for a variety of industries.

8. What is the most popular Salesforce Chrome Extension?

There are several ways that a Salesforce consultant can customize their Salesforce capabilities and further ensure that it meets the company’s needs and requirements in the best possible way. Chrome extension can be a great way of customization to the Salesforce experience as it is time-saving, amazing, and extremely helpful. The main aim is to ensure proper assistance associated with the Salesforce platform while adding productivity and efficiency at an increasing level. 

Google Chrome extensions are quite powerful enhancements that are embedded directly into the browser. These extensions can be directly installed from the browser

  1. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

  2. Salesforce Navigator

  3. Salesforce Inspector

  4. Organizer for salesforce

  5. Salesforce DevTools

  6. Whitelist All APIs For Salesforce

  7. SOQL Extractor & Analyzer For Salesforce

  8. Salesforce Mass Editor


9. Mistakes to avoid while choosing a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Salesforce is an absolute choice for businesses as it is a powerful tool to transform and streamline your business processes. But it is not that simple, implementation is the biggest task that needs to be done properly and effectively. 

You know, companies often contact us to fix the problems that went wrong in the first place. So from the initial step only, try avoiding these 6 mistakes to save yourself a lot of time and money.

  1. Not choosing the right partner
  2. Understanding the implementation process
  3. Not investing in Salesforce admin
  4. No support from the executive team
  5. Implementing CRM without proper understanding
  6. Incorrect Data Migration


10. Most Effective Ways to use Salesforce for Customer Retention

If you are into a business, you must know how hard it is to attract a customer with all the marketing and different strategies. You invest a lot of time and money to gain customers’ trust. And even after so much effort, losing on them would be the greatest loss. This is exactly why Customer Retention is the greatest point in a business. A Salesforce development company helps in customer retention through the following points and in the most effective ways 

  • Personalize communication with customers
  • Centralised Customer Data
  • Track and re-engage with inactive subscribers
  • Track customer interaction
  • Integrate Customer Service tools