Salesforce is much more than just a cloud-based CRM, and it’s a platform with many third-party apps and the potential for bespoke development. Our knowledge and expertise extend across all products, solutions, and technologies of Salesforce.

Salesforce implementation for healthcare empowers you to check on your patients as highly valued customers since they rely on you with their most expensive and valued possession – their health. Metaoups’ healthcare solutions allow you to analyze, constantly monitor & level up the quality of care you provide to patients. Impact millions of lives with customized care using our latest and new Salesforce Healthcare SolutionsConnect with experts at Metaoups today.


Implementing Salesforce services in the Healthcare industry has proven to increase effectiveness and efficiency through automation, personalization, and customization of services offered. It helps to improve patient care management as well as improvised after-care services.

The challenging pace of healthcare CRM

When a patient interacts with Healthcare organization to-

  • Make an appointment
  • Learn about the services
  • Pay the bill
  • Learn about associated coverage

Salesforce Health Cloud Manager by Metaoups

1. For the care management team

Metaoups perform utilization management services within Health Cloud or integrate Health Cloud with their existing utilization management system. With Health Cloud, the care management team can:

  • Easily view requests within designated list views
  • See latest and new requests upfront
  • Appropriately manage their workflow based on service level agreement.
  • Prioritize authorization requests, escalating them to a director for review if needed
  • Get extra information from providers without the necessity of making a phone call or using another system

2. For Providers

Metaoups can create a Salesforce Cloud for participating in a player’s network. 

This portal provides several areas of functionality; however, performing prior authorization requests is one of the most critical. With an easy to use, streamlined, a provider portal can:

  • Make it easy for providers to attach necessary documentation and provide commentary
  • Track the progress of authorization within the portal
  • Submit additional documentation as needed
  • Void the authorization if no longer required

We deploy curated and personalized workflows and insights informed by data to make the process very efficient. We help them achieve the business goals through an informed, meaningful, and validated approach to digital transformation. From strategic planning to implementation, we guide clients across different healthcare industries through every step to enable 

Metaoups’ reliable and latest healthcare CRM solutions will allow you to meet the problems of today’s healthcare industry. Everyone in the healthcare and medical fields, such as nursing homes, hospitals, medical industries, and pharmaceuticals, can benefit from the best Salesforce consultant in NSW. We develop custom and personalized solutions to meet your healthcare business’ demands, build stronger relationships between patients and caregivers, and take medical innovations with the latest technologies to new heights. With our healthcare Salesforce CRM solutions, you will:

  • Get more time to understand the needs of your patients and focus on each one of them.
  • Accelerate the process of enrollment, acquisition, coordinators, medical billing, etc.
  • Get the best access to information
  • Gain advanced data and reporting analysis
  • Easily turn valuable data into actionable insights
  • Drive better health outcomes with enhanced operational effectiveness
  • Revolutionize patient care to improve satisfaction

Our team has 10+ years of experience that leverages insights in the business and thousands of engagements, and real-world expertise gained across the Healthcare industry. From the management of services to strategy and implementation, we guide clients through every phase of their journey — enabling continuous value with the Salesforce platform.

We help you operate in a highly complex, deeply impactful industry. Our Healthcare team has 10+ years of experience in the healthcare industries we serve, in addition to Salesforce expertise — helping us empower you on the journey to personalized experiences and improved ROI.


Marketing Automation Solution 

Marketing automation allows healthcare institutions to grow by automating marketing processes across departments to help enrich customized experiences for patients. But how do you begin to see ROI on operational automation?

It takes technical knowledge and teamwork to identify, implement, and continuously deliver results with Salesforce marketing automation solutions like Pardot and Marketing Cloud. Metaoups provides healthcare industry insights and Salesforce expertise to help your enterprise. 


How Metaoups can help

At Metaoups, we have the expertise to provide solutions facing the challenges. We know and understand these challenges and have extensive experience and knowledge of solving these challenges for our clients. We use the full features of Salesforce products to assist our clients with:

  • Maximizing authorizations for their members
  • Creating personalized services solutions that deliver immediate value for member populations
  • Gathering unique, actionable insights from the data captured by payers

Meetups offer payers a blueprint for success. Every featured area within your organization can benefit from our best practices, industry knowledge, and thoughtful Salesforce consultation. Learn more about how we can help your organization.

Metaoups is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and is considered one of the best and the top Salesforce Development Companies in Australia, the USA, and India, focusing on high-quality and scalable solutions for business problems. 

Our Salesforce consulting services in NSW will help you choose the right Salesforce product and version as per your requirements. We also help companies strategize systematically on how to implement Salesforce products successfully into their business processes. If you are already using Salesforce CRM, we, as Salesforce Consulting Partners in Texas, will help you adopt and make a better ROI by providing the right consultation around best practices and industry trends.


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